The first or second VHS tape that I had ever seen. ,Out of 3 bikini girls, middle one was from the married with children. Isnt it? ,Imagine (1991)Scene 1. Ashley Nicole, Peter NorthScene 2. Ashlyn Gere, Jon DoughScene 3. Britt Morgan, Mike HornerScene 4. Raven, TT BoyScene 5. Erica Boyer, Missy WarnerScene 6. Ashlyn Gere, Mike Horner ,old porn is so much hotter. storylines are erotic. ,my first porno movie i saw. i love ashlyn gere ,Ashlyn Gere makes a pretty convincing uptight prude. Now that's acting... ,Bigboyinyouthank you very much ,imagine 1991Ashlyn Gere is the lead. ,"Nutt"Ella